Thursday, March 8, 2012

Africa, God speaks to Africa as a child...


Last night you were in my dreams

Innocent, humble, dirty, hungry, hurting
You laid on the side of a worn out track,
You fragile little child, thrown aside like a ragged doll.

Abandoned you lay in the dust, lips cracked open by the sun,
streaks of dried up tears, tell tales of forgotten hope. Your eyes
deeply sunken in your beautiful little face - portray your broken
weary trust.

I reached out to you and you seemed to shrink as you cowered away.
You hissed at my touch... Yet gently oh so gently I lifted you up, laid
you in my lap.
I cleaned and dressed your oozing wounds, I cried for you then,
as I whispered comfort almost too softly to hear into your oh
so tiny ear... I gave you water and wiped your tears...

I dreamt of feeding you, healing you, protecting you.
I dreamt of adopting you as my own, for you are my own...
I dreamt of teaching you, guarding you, never leaving you.

Africa today I dream for you...
I dream a dream
To prosper you and not to harm you..
I dream for all your dreams to come true...

As you find yourself in Me and My everlasting LOVE and TRUTH...

from your loving: Abba Father