Thursday, March 31, 2011

Seeing you, being with you, loving you

Sitting in the lounge, I watch your every move and I am alert to every sound you make.
Never knew what it's like to have a father and be loved in your way... now I'm so happy, you are always around, and I just love being with you...
From the silence a mighty roar rises, the earth shakes and you look on in alarm as happiness burst from my lips. You ask me why I laugh and I only shake my head and say, I'm only laughing because I'm so happy loving you.

It's so different, not the same as the love for a lover, a mother, a brother or a sister. A love so deep and secure it shakes your roots.
When I leave your side my world is tilted, and tears burn my eyes... and my only comfort is the knowledge that we will be together again sometime time in the futher near.

So to watch you and follow you all around is calming in me, I just want to be a bit of peace in your life and I hope that I can learn all your knowldge and be able to apply it to my life...

You are apart of me, and I apart of you,
Seeing you, being with you and loving you... my life is complete...