Monday, July 15, 2013

Dont give up, just take a break...

Dear ....

It is funny how we always seem to get sooo fed up with the ordinary little things in life, like our homes and environment, friends and family. Yet should you take away those things you realize just how special they really are to you, and that you actually miss them or it.

I often find that though it be good to take a break from the constant buzz of life all around  you, it is always good to get back in and live it. Sometimes when things get hard or difficult we do need to take a little bit of a break, take a step back and take a breath, so that we can get  a new and fresh perspective on what we are all about.

I don't mean to try and know all the answers in life but I must say that  during a time of confinement, I would feel lonely, maybe a little bit lost. But I always come out the other side feeling refreshed and
life feels worth living again.

Recently I took a trip to Pretoria to visit my dad. It really was soooo refreshing getting away from everyday life. Seeing people I love but haven't seen for a while. Making memories...
It also gave me a chance to miss those I see every day, and though I missed them some what fierce...
I was also glad to get away abit and just reflect on what is happening in my life on the moment and what I want do about it...

I'm back home now, and feeling good. was nice to be away but it's also nice to be home.
Basically if you feel like its all over and you just wanna lay down and die... don't. all you need is to take a step back heck take the day of and just go walk in a garden, don't think of your problems instead reflect on the good things that's happened to you. look around and search for as many things as you can find that is pretty or just intresting to you. You are just as pretty or intresting as that thing.

Some time we need a tempory break from our circumstances, just remember to come back into them and deal with them, don't ever give up hope. Your circumstances aint worth it.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Hi Readers,

My Apologies for not writing for such along time. So much has happened in the mean time.

So where to begin... firstly I think I should mention I decided to write it like a diary/dairy(mmm:/)
I came back from zambia, and now I'm home sweet home... I wanted to go back but I cant leave my heart behind. lol. For home is where your heart is and mine is with Jason. My one and only.

Sadly my heart also got broken this year as i had to say goodbye to a dear friend and much beloved pet.

I really miss her though!!!